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Gtk+ WebCore mailing lists
Gtk+ WebCore SourceForge site
WebKit, Apple's open source project. WebCore is part of WebKit.
WebKit/Gtk+ build instructions. WebKit/Gtk+ should be used instead of Gtk+ WebCore


LGPL License (version 2) and LGPL License (version 2.1)
KJS and KHTML licenses.
Apple BSD-License
Apple license for Qt adaptation layer.
Nokia BSD-License
Nokia license for Qt adaptation layer C++ -port, webkit and reference browser.

Projects Using Gtk+ WebCore

Atlantis 0.1.3
Atlantis is a lightweight Web browser based on Gtk+ WebCore. See also some screenshots of Atlantis in action.
Galeon is also capable of rendering pages using Gtk+ WebCore. See the instructions on how to compile Galeon with Gtk+ WebCore posted to our mailing list.
OpenEmbedded Project
OpenEmbedded Project has announced it's support for Gtk+ WebCore. See also a screenshot of the reference browser running on embedded linux.

Related Projects

Apple WebCore
Starting point of this porting project and the rendering engine of Apple Safari browser.
Konqueror Web Browser
Home of the KJS and KHTML libraries.

Miscellaneous Links

W3 Consortium
Home of web standards.
Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group
Collaboration of web browser manufacturers and interested parties who wish to develop for new (web) technologies.
Mozilla Foundation
Home of Mozilla Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client.


XHTML 1.0 Specification
HTML 4.01
HTML 4.01 Specification
CSS 2.1
CSS 2.1 Specification