A couple of screenshots from our browser/rendering engine in action:

Rendering Modes

Screenshot of

Here is an example on how our reference browser renders pages in compatibility mode (219 kb).

Screenshot of

Standards compatible rendering (75 kb).

Desktop Screenshots

Screenshot of both osb and firefox

Screenshot of a desktop with Open Source Browser and Mozilla Firefox displaying (778 kb).

Atlantis 0.1.3 Screenshots

Screenshot of Atlantis, when it's started for the first time.

That's how Atlantis looks like, when it's started for the first time (111kb).

Screenshot of Atlantis browsing using bookmarks.

Atlantis displaying bookmarks sidebar and a browser view (195kb).

Screenshot of Atlantis rendering a web page.

Atlantis is able to deal with Galeon and Konqueror bookmarks natively without converting them (127 kb).

Screenshot of Atlantis, browsing on

Browsing with Atlantis (206kb).