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About Gtk+ WebCore

Gtk+ WebCore is a Linux/Gtk+ port of Apple Computer Inc.'s WebCore KHTML html rendering engine including a web component. A reference browser implementation is included in the project. Gtk+ WebCore is a standards compliant (X)HTML rendering engine, javascript interpreter and an embeddable web component. The purpose of the web component is to be a light-weight, easy-to-compile and embed, open source rendering component.

Status Of The Project

Gtk+ WebCore is not active anymore. It is superseeded by WebKit/Gtk+, new port of WebKit browser engine. Gtk+ WebCore shouldn't be used anymore. WebKit/Gtk+ is based on the same code, but is in active development.

Gtk+ WebCore is in early alpha state, where almost all of the features of rendering engine are ported. Project is released, because it has reached a level where it can be tested, used in own projects and in other ways evaluated.

Most of the work done in Gtk+ WebCore by us is related to the Qt -porting (KWIQ) layer. HTML rendering code is almost identical to WebCore by Apple.

Since the original release, not much has been done to improve gtk-webcore. Lot of things have happened in Apple's open source project WebKit.


Gtk+ WebCore is implemented in C++ and C (in relevant parts).


Gtk+ WebCore works in Linux/Gtk+ environment. Required libraries include glib, Gtk+, GDK and Pango from GNOME libraries. For http-networking project uses libCURL.

Components Of Gtk+ WebCore